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The Solution Wellness & Weight Loss

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Lose Weight Safely & Effectively

Why Is The Solution So Different Than Other Weight Loss Programs? You might be asking, “Why is losing weight at The Solution Wellness and Weight Loss different than the other programs out there?”

We find that most of our patients have already tried several different diet plans. Most people have failed because their root health issues have not been addressed. When they walk through our door, they are seeking a real solution for their health and weight problem. Often, they are on several medications in an effort to address these problems.

The Solution Wellness and Weight Loss can help you!

At The Solution Wellness and Weight Loss, our number one goal is to get you healthier and drug-free. We include many things most programs simply can’t. We are a doctor-driven wellness and weight loss clinic. However, we are unlike any traditional medical weight loss clinics out there. We don't do surgery, no prescription drugs, and no invasive treatments.

We take a very natural approach to wellness and weight loss. We focus on the cause of your weight gain, taking a look at what is happening internally. The cause could range from high toxicity levels to digestive imbalances, etc. We will assess the problem and tailor-make a wellness program just for you. We have found this truth in our office: if you could have lost weight on your own by now, you would have!

*“The Solution Program helped me get back in the game. With the support of my wife and the helpful staff, I've been able to get off all 6 of my medications. I have more energy, less back pain and knee pain, and more flexibility. I am able to perform better as a football official. Getting healthier has also helped improve my confidence and concentration. Thanks to The Solution for helping me feel like an athlete again!”
- Barry W., Lost 74 lbs so far


You need a support coach. Our staff is here to hold your hand through this whole process and with us as your partner in weight loss, you’ll succeed! We offer 24/7 telephone support. We strive to teach all of our patients what foods their bodies need. They need real food from the grocery store not pre-packaged foods.

We will utilize customized whole food supplements to help get your body into a fat burning mode. We’ll offer you hands on weight and inch loss treatments, like contour body wraps that were designed by doctors out of UCLA, which have been tested and used now for over 30 years. You can lose 4 to 14 inches in these relaxing, detoxing wraps. Be aware that 95% of people in our country who lose weight fast, gain it back. However, with our team's help we can reverse this trend. We use SMT technology to help you finally overcome your emotional eating. So, lifestyle changes can be made and kept with our awesome maintenance program.

Together, we will help you make real and lasting changes. We believe this will be the last weight loss program you’ll ever have to do!

*“The Solution Program has not only helped me lose the stubborn weight, but has enabled me to come off my hormone cream!That's huge for a 35 year old!! I don't have to work out for hours a day to lose the weight and best of all...I feel Amazing! ”
-Kim J. Gainesville, GA, Lost 35 lbs