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At The Solution Wellness and Weight Loss, we truly believe that your weight loss plan should be a healthy and natural one. We have done our best to seek out the most modern and highest quality methods and equipment to make your journey the easiest and smoothest possible. We offer a variety of incredible services, and are willing to answer any questions you may have about our technologies and methods. Call us today at 678-971-9799 to ask a question or make an appointment to try out one of the below services!

Lipo Light Treatments

Sometimes, you exercise, you do all the right training moves, you’re ultra consistent, and still the fat doesn’t come off! You know that gorgeous muscle you’ve been working on is just hiding underneath that layer of fat – if you could only find a way to let it shine! Dream no longer – Lipo Light Treatments will help you do just that! Using low-level wavelengths of light, this non-invasive procedure allows fat cells to release their contents and flush through your system in a natural and wholesome way.


Whole Body Vibration

Animating your entire system, Whole Body Vibrations emits pulses of safe energy to help your muscles expand and contract. This stimulates blood flow and brings toxins to the surface so that your metabolism can dispose of them appropriately. You’ll feel leaner and more toned without having the burden of a workout at the gym!

Whole Body Vibration in Gainesville, GA

Contour Body Wraps

A Body Wrap is a luxurious way to eradicate deplorable cellulite! Using detoxifying ingredients, our staff will wrap you up to relax for an hour or so while your body becomes slender, toned, and moisturized! With all of the toxins we absorb on a daily basis (due to our environment and eating habits), we need a way to flush them out. We also need a method that will sculpt our bodies back to the way they were meant to be. Come get a Body Wrap today to see and feel the difference. We can even measure you before and after to prove to you that it can shave off anywhere from four to fourteen inches!


Self-Mastery Technologies are all the rage! Using sound and light, our program can help you get rid of negative tension. When you’re feeling harried or if you’re having trouble sleeping, SMT can help you to manage your stress and keep you going when you’re overloaded.

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